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The Most Effective Strategies For Selling On Amazon

Surely, you would like to become a professional Amazon seller, wouldn't you?
The number of Amazon sellers is growing day by day, making the market more competitive than ever. Amazon is a very useful and profitable business platform, but only if you have the right sales strategies. Let's not waste any more time and start the list.
 Here are ten useful strategies for selling on Amazon.

1. Create correct and understandable product information to reach customers
Amazon is oversaturated with thousands of products and customers looking for the best deals in the marketplace. Don't forget that a customer can even directly mention a product with the desired characteristics or can narrow their search by using filters. This is why details play a vital role in describing your product.  Reliable and well-chosen product information increases the chances of matching the buyer's search more effectively. Customizing each of your selling product details according to the searched keywords is a very good practice. Study customer requests and optimize your product details or information to improve sales.

2. Don't forget the Amazon rules
Amazon is famous for its clear and understandable sales policies, compared to other online marketplaces. And you won't like being fined or suspended for violating Amazon's sales rules.
Make sure that you follow all the rules to protect yourself from any violation. You can easily find the policy page by logging in to your Seller Central account. You can read all policies related to various merchant actions on the policies page.

3. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
Fulfillment by Amazon gives you enough time to focus on other important things in your business. To become a Pro-Amazon seller, it is wise to switch to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In addition, FBA takes full care of customer service, delivery, returns, and refunds.
Yes, the сommission is very high, but it significantly increases your sales. In most cases, these fees are offset by the cost of packaging and shipping materials for the product. This way, it saves your time and effort, ensuring you get the best possible care for your clients.

4. Compete with the help of the pricing
Every seller on Amazon tries to sell at the best price to attract more and more customers to their product. This is why carefully studying the prices of products related to your product is key to competing with competitors in the Amazon market. If you want your product to sell, make sure you set a reasonable price for it. For products of your own production, you can set your own convenient price, but for regular products, you must outperform your competitors to get into your customer's shopping cart.

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5. Try to win the Buy Box
About 78% of Amazon's sales are made through the Buy Box. Hence, it is very important to own a Buy Box to get more sales on your products. Buy Box is a page that appears when buyers click on any of the recommended results of their initial search.

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6. Customers are the main priority
The key to the success of any business is to have a happy customer. The same goes with the Amazon business as well. Every time your client has a request, it needs to be answered on time. Amazon usually shares with you all the questions your customers have asked you and waits for your response within 24 hours, otherwise it will affect the merits of your merchant account.
You can log in to your sellers account in the official Amazon app to stay up to date and ensure a happy customer experience.

7. High-quality product photos
Images are crucial for selling products to customers. The description is incomplete without good photos. Amazon has strict rules for images, for example, each image must be at least 1006 pixels in size.
In addition, the main images should have a plain white image background. A true and large picture of the product builds trust and helps buyers effectively to enhance the details.

8. Manage Inventory 
Your inventory is critical to maintaining your sales rank. Amazon assigns sales ranks to all products based on arrival and number of sales. So, running out of inventory is a big no if you want to be an Amazon pro-seller. Plan well to meet the needs of supply and demand during the holiday season, when deliveries get a little slow and sales suddenly increase. Losing your sales rating can negatively impact your business and will take months to get it back on track.

9. Amazon Keyword tool
Keywords are the words your customers use to search for the product they want to buy.These keywords can help your customer navigate directly to your product page without wasting time.Therefore, you should use the right keywords to describe your products in order to attract more and more customers to your product page.
Also, avoid repeating your keywords in the title, as the Amazon search engine will completely ignore it.

10. The negative reviews
A negative or neutral review can ruin the sale of your product and negatively affect your business. In many cases, your seller status and account may be suspended. Sometimes apologizing for the inconvenience will help you get rid of these negative reviews.

In conclusion
Having the right strategy for your business plan can help you beat the competition and make a profit. Use the tips above to become a professional Amazon seller, taking your business to unusual heights.