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How to Win the Buy Box on Amazon?

How to attract customers on a platform where the same product is offered by multiple sellers? Besides keyword optimization, the most common strategy, and a number of other tactics that Amazon sellers apply to improve their listing, there is an additional, no less effective method—winning the Buy Box! Keep on reading to learn about the important criteria for mastering the Buy Box.

Why is it important?

Not every reseller can have the Buy Box. Because of severe competition and customer-prioritized politics of Amazon, only businesses with outstanding seller standards get a chance to have this worthy tool. To realize the significance of Buy Box, look at these statistics formed by Amazon experts:

''82% of Amazon sales are done thanks to the Buy Box, and the percentage is higher for mobile purchases."

Who can win the Buy Box? How does Amazon choose who gets the Buy Box? What are the top influencing factors?

There are many various factors that can influence your odds to win the Buy Box on Amazon. In order to win the Buy Box, you must meet all the criteria. Essential ones are:

• Professional Seller Account
• Buy Box eligibility status
• New product
• Availability
• Total Product Price
• Customer Service
• High Fulfillment Quality
• High Order Quality

Professional seller account

Here’s how Amazon describes this type of account, which in Europe is also known as Pro-Merchant Account:

‘’The Professional selling plan gives you access to inventory tools to upload batch files and manage your orders through feeds and reports. These tools are beneficial to most medium- to large-size businesses.”

In addition to that, one of the key advantages of having a Professional seller account is boosting your chances to get the Buy Box.

Buy Box eligibility status

“Buy Box-eligible” is a status granted to experienced sellers who have spent time selling on the Amazon platform and have high levels of performance. This status was formerly called as Featured Merchant. You can check your Buy Box eligibility status in Amazon Seller Central.

New product

This one is simple. Used products aren't getting the regular Buy Box. Only new ones do.


It’s essential for your item to be available otherwise the buyer won’t be able to purchase it. You should have an inventory or the Buy Box will simply switch to a different seller.

Total Product Price

As we all know, Amazon is trying to keep the prices of products as low as possible. That’s why the total product price is vastly important. In addition to your product price, you should consider the landed product cost (the complete combination of local tax and shipping) as well. However, you don't need to have the cheapest pricing in the market.

Customer Service

Customer Service and most importantly Customer Response Rate is extraordinarily significant for the Buy Box. Amazon tracks your customer response rate every 90 days.

You should respond to the minimum of 90% of all messages within 12 hours if possible. The more instantly and the faster you respond, the better your ranking will be.

High Fulfillment Quality

Amazon tracks different metrics related to fulfillment quality, and each one is important. Especially, pay attention to these ones:

• Fulfilment speed

Amazon pays special attention to the sellers who can move products faster.

• Late Shipping Rate

If you take much longer to deliver an item than the time set, it will be added to your late shipping rate. Try to keep your late shipping rate under 4% staying on top of shipping and moving goods fast. This will help you win the Buy Box more often.

• Valid Tracking

Amazon prioritizes the value of keeping customers informed. Offering accurate tracking with 95% or more of your shipments will improve your chances.

High Order Quality

Amazon periodically pays attention to how satisfied customers of their products are and takes it into consideration when choosing a seller for the Buy Box. Your Feedback Quality, Cancellation , Refund Rate, and Order Defect Rate are quite important here.

Determination and consistent effort will get you everywhere, so don’t give up and grow your Amazon business. Don’t forget that you are not alone. Millions of sellers are going through the same situation. Keep it up and you will gain your Buy Box!