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Mistakes You Should Not Make on Amazon

If you think that by opening an Amazon account, you are done with the most troublesome step, you are mistaken. There are way more scrupulous aspects that you should care about. As Amazon has stringent rules and policies, even the tiniest mistake that seems innocuous to you may turn to be a critical violation from Amazon's point of view. In addition, there are some actions that, even though not being a violation, still have serious consequences. But don't panic. We are here to present the mistakes that you should never make as an Amazon Seller.

Don't Register More Than One Account Per A Seller
"The more, the better" is not the case on Amazon, as it is prohibited to have more than one account per a seller. It is better to manage one from bottom to top and generate sales than to be banned by Amazon.

Don't Redirect Amazon Shoppers to Your Website.
"Been there, tried that, borne the consequences" - the story of many Amazon sellers. No matter where you put the URL in, this is an Amazon policy violation which can be easily detected.

Don't pay for Feedback or Reviews.
Even though Customer Feedback and Reviews are what determine your standing on Amazon, you should not generate false reviews as Amazon is very sensitive to black and grey hat methods. We have reflected on safe and white hat methods in our previous blog.

Don't Use Colored Backgrounds.
Amazon image policy requires a white background for the main images. If you use a colored background, your image will be removed by Amazon, which will affect your listing.

Don't Include Sales or Coupons in Your Product Title.
As an Amazon seller, you probably want to promote as much as possible and will try to attract the customers by mentioning available discounts and coupons. Unfortunately, again that's a violation of Amazon policy and it will hurt you more than you can imagine.

Never underestimate the sense of smell of Amazon. It is not a platform where you can take risks, and it is the canniest platform ever. So, don't try to fool it. Just follow the rules, be fair and you will be surprised how that will benefit you.