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How to Contact Amazon Seller Support?

You might be one of the best, well-prepared and business-savvy sellers on Amazon. But you are not omnipotent, and there may be times when you will have to contact the technical support for Amazon sellers. Let's find out the most effective tips for contacting Amazon Support.

How can Amazon technical support help?

Amazon seller support is needed to help you in difficult situations, such as the following:

  • Cancel and delete your listing.
  • Answers to your questions about fees.
  • How to navigate your account and payment policy.
  • You can request verification of the buyer's delivery address.
  • Help with deactivating your account.
  • Many other frequently asked questions.

You can get in contact with Amazon technical support via email, phone,or chat. Unfortunately, there is no direct phone number to contact support, as well as different contact request forms depending on where you’re selling:

  • The USA. 
  • The UK/EU. 
  • Japan. 
  • India. 

Note: make sure that each time you contact Amazon Seller support, it is an individual issue. It can help support focus on one problem and find the best solution for you, as telling them everything at once can lead to confusion and less accurate results.

How should you prepare for a call?

To make the process as simple as possible, prepare a few things to help out the technical support staff. First, open the unresolved issue on your case log so that you can easily refer  to it and make sure that the support staff is working on the same issue in front of you.
You can also get a request about your merchant and payment information. Open it in a different tab, you shouldn’t waste precious time. 

Finally, have a pen and paper or an online notepad handy so you can add your own extra notes. The Amazon support team deals with different issues all day, every day, and it's second nature to them. But for you, the process may be a little more unfamiliar, so it's good to make notes that you can read later. In addition to making your own notes, you can easily monitor the problem if you need it in the future.

When talking to support, use these tips to maximize your chances of success:

  • Clearly define the chronology of the problem, make sure that you are accurate and informative. For example,  you could say something like “On X date at X time I created a request with ID XXXXXX. It had been a week since... ”
  • Try to stay on topic. Remember, you are there to talk about one particular issue and get the best possible help for it. Wait in the wings and solve the problem on the next call.
  • Tell the support staff about all the steps and actions that you have taken on your part, so that they do not suggest trying something that you have already covered.
  • Speak in a linear sequence and don't jump in time. Start from the beginning and move through the events as if you are reliving them.

In conclusion 

If you sell on Amazon for long enough, you will inevitably encounter situations where you will need help from the Amazon seller support team. Use this guide to know all the ins and outs in advance, so that when you call them by phone, email, or send messages, you handle them like a pro-Seller.