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How to Write Effective Amazon Bullet Points in 2021

How to Write Effective Amazon Bullet Points in 2021

How much attention do you pay to writing effective bullet points when composing product listings? Most often, Amazon sellers do not have enough time for this. But this is an important factor in successful sales. We have prepared some small tips for you, an important point that is necessary to optimize your listing on Amazon.

Bullet Points. What is it?

Next to the product image on the product page, you can see five bullet points that are necessary to describe the main advantages of the product. They make it easier for customers to find the right product and eliminate the need to read huge product descriptions. Thereby speeding up the decision to purchase.

For example, if you sell smartphones, you can use these bullet points to highlight significant product characteristics, dimensions, display size, as well as everything else that distinguishes this device from other smartphones.
Determine for yourself what are the most important criteria when customers view the pages and what can help them make a decision.

Each bullet point can be up to 15 words each (maximum of 500 characters) and should describe a notable highlight of the product. A good example of this would be writing about your smartphone’s processor type and speed; a not-so-good example would be to write about the accessories that are included (e.g. extra charging cable, carrying case, etc.)

In other words, your bulleted items should be a five-point summary of the best or most important features or benefits of your product.

But don't forget that there are a few more rules to follow:

  • You can't write anything about the price of the product, how it is delivered, or about your company.
  • No marketing or advertising.
  • You can only use letters and numbers. Do not use HTML or other code.
  • Write the most important points at the top to keep the attention of the diggers.
  • Make sure you don't exceed the maximum of 15 words/500 characters for each item.

What should be considered?

Use keywords directly in bullet points.

Amazon's search algorithm (A9) tracks many areas of your page to determine where it should appear in the search results. One of the fundamental areas is keywords, so use the available tools when researching which search queries have the most activity.

Don't use too many keywords in bullet points

Keyword stuffing is when you repeat keywords over and over with the intent of trying to score higher SEO. However, this was put out of practice several years ago and you’ll only get punished for it now. Plus, it reads awkwardly for users and you risk turning them off with the mass repetition.

Less is definitely more when it comes to how many keywords you should be using in each bullet point. For maximum benefit, limit yourself to 1-2 keywords in each sentence.

Don’t Ignore Keyword Optimization

When you're trying to figure out which keywords to end up with, don't ignore optimization entirely in favor of brevity. Make a list of about 10 keywords, and then see how they fit. If they can't, leave them out.

List the Most Important Feature 

This part of the process might take you a bit of time, but it’ll pay off in the end. Go on Amazon and Google your competitors and make a note of what their bullet points are. You can sort them into a spreadsheet and count how many times each one appears, and where in the list of five.

From there, start filtering by keeping the features or comments that appeared most often and cutting the rest. If you see a few bullet points right on the border, keep them for now (with the understanding that some will be cut later).

Finally, cross-reference your potential list of bullet points with what you find on the manufacturer’s site, or major retailing websites. This should give you more guidance in terms of how to order your bullet points. Once you’ve got that down, arrange your five and delete the rest. Just make sure to proof them carefully for spelling and grammar typos so they appear as professional as possible.

In conclusion

Amazon bullet points are there to make reading easier for the user and to help you convince buyers to purchase by drawing attention to your product’s most important features. While you’re not allowed to talk about pricing in your bullet points, you still need to draw attention to that to show consumers how competitive your prices are.