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The Most Profitable Product Categories for Amazon FBA in 2021

For many years, Amazon has been one of the most famous trading platforms for buying and selling absolutely any goods. It is this marketplace that enjoys the trust of both sellers and buyers, and that is why it has built a reputation that surpasses what it originally sought to do. This reputation allowed him to create Fulfillment by Amazon, simply known as FBA.
Having the Amazon brand tied to the company gives you the confidence that their services are top-notch every time. This is to be expected.
However, as a seller who wants to make money on Amazon FBA, what products can he sell on Amazon FBA?


Even among the clients of our company, there are people who quite successfully sell this category of products.
Books are more popular than ever. That is why you can take a profitable niche in the market. But everything is so simple! Selling books is a huge profit. If you can buy books in bulk for a dollar or so, give or take a little in either direction, you can turn around and sell them on Amazon for 1,000% of their original price.
But remember that this is not always the correct formula. After all, you should not base your entire business on this product alone. But if your goal is to maximize revenue, it definitely deserves its own solid corner in your store.

Baby Things

Ask the new parents how much they spend on their child. Yes, this is our next profitable category. Children are constantly in need of new things. But they still do not stay the same size for a long time, which means that they need a disastrous lot of things.
 The advantage of selling children's products is that they are inexpensive, easy enough to transport and are always in demand.


Precious metals, trinkets, and jewelry are in great demand every year. Yes, the market is saturated with jewelry, which is why the success of sales, first of all, depends on how exactly you advertise your product.
While the profit margin can be a staggering 50%+, that's only if you can use unique long-tail keywords. If your products can only be described in generic single keywords, don't worry.

Sport clothing

Workout wear is one of the most popular sellers on Amazon, and you can easily take part in this frenzy.
People of all ages want to be healthy, and for this they need sportswear. This is another best-selling product on Amazon with a good profit margin. These are 4 popular product categories that may be the best for you to start your Amazon FBA business as a beginner. Of course, there may be more product categories, you just need to use the right way to find what is best for you.

Devices and accessories

As antithetical to the idea of books being hot sellers on Amazon as electronic items, you should really start stocking up on these yesterday. People love their techy gadgets and what’s in it for you is:

  • The lower of Amazon’s commission fee (8% versus 15%).
  • A plethora of choices and subsets within each category.
  • A variety of new devices are coming out all the time.
  • Different ways of appealing to different audiences based on the brand name, even though they all do essentially the same stuff.
  • Excellent retail arbitrage opportunities, sometimes as often as each week.