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How to Reduce Unnecessary Amazon Returns?

Returns from customers – one of the most undesirable actions for all Amazon sellers without any exceptions. How much is your rate of order return? Is it so much that you sometimes think that you are doing something wrong? If yes, today is your lucky day, as we will share several straightforward actions that will help you reduce your returns substantially.
The number one thing that causes returns is the incomplete product description. Not only is the detailed product description good for your SEO, but it is also essential for your customers to have a comprehensive understanding of what they are buying. Your product description should include:
-         The size and dimensions of the product
-         Exact color options
-         The material the product is made of
-         The manufacturer
-         Warranty information
-         Answers to FAQs
-         Instructions on how to use
Having beautiful photos of your products is important to attract customers. Nevertheless, that loses its power when the visuals miscommunicate the actual size and dimension of the product as a result of which the expectations of the customers are not met. So, as an Amazon seller, you should do your best to picture the product's right size and dimension. If it is a wearable product, take photos of the product on a model. In case it is not, take the photo of it next to a subject, the size of which is commonly known by the audience. This will help them imagine the right size of the product.
Finally, keep track of the customer product returns to identify patterns and plan accordingly.
-         What product is returned the most?
-         How much time passes after the purchase when a customer asks for a refund?
-         Do specific product returns hold a seasonal pattern?
Nothing difficult, right? Don’t waste any minute to optimize your product descriptions and images. Start collecting and analyzing the customer data on returns if you are not doing it already. Three simple actions, and you will be surprised how your return rate decreases.