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Your Amazying Guide: Value Proposition

"Why do I have to wait for my payout about 14 days?" – a question pretty sure every Amazon Seller has asked himself. Indeed, not getting your money immediately after selling your products is upsetting. But Amazon has its own rules.

As the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos said," The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth's most customer-centric company."
Hence, customer satisfaction is foremost for Amazon. That's why it waits for 7 days so that the orders reach the customers who assess them and make sure that they are in the expected conditions and of the highest quality. Amazon reserves an additional 7-day period in case a customer decides to return the order. This, on average, results in a 14-day waiting time for Amazon sellers to get the payout.

During the time, the majority of Amazon sellers get used to the Amazon payout schedule and wait for a couple of weeks to get their deserved money. Meanwhile, others don't. Why? Because they realize that they lose opportunities by sitting and waiting. Coming back to the very first question, we give you the answer. You don't have to! Yes, you read it correctly. You don't have to wait for 14 days to get your money because we are here to solve that problem and help your business grow.

We are a payment system that provides instant access to the money that you have already earned, but that is temporarily unavailable. Amazying offers you a safe and reliable business tool to instantly get finances and easily close it from the nearest receipt. In other words, you use as much money as you need being sure that you will be able to pay the money back. In addition, the conclusion of an agreement with Amazying is not going to reflect in your file of the credit bureau, and the bank will not refuse you a mortgage or other loans due to opened business limits.

Through our service, you can get 80% of your payout within the same day. You will get the remaining 20%, excluding the Amazying fees as soon as Amazon transfers the entire sum to Amazying.

All you need to do is to create a personal account in the Amazying system, submit documents for scoring purposes, and sign an agreement. After signing the contract, you can receive money from your payout through Amazying at any time.
Often because of delayed payouts, Amazon sellers are not able to replenish their inventory and run not out of stock. This results in the lower ranking, lost sales, a lack of trust, and a lost competitive edge. When you receive revenue for sold goods within 24 days of the sale, this gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors who wait for two weeks, or even a month, to get access to their money and re-launch it in their turnover. With Amazying, you gain a stable cash flow, which you can use to replenish your inventory, pay to suppliers and for the warehouse, add new features in the advertisement, and much more! You have an incredible opportunity to grow your business while your competitors are on "vacation".

Amazying offers you absolutely transparent conditions without hidden fees and with projected costs. The costs consist of only two parts: the account maintenance fee of 9.90 Euro/month (if you used an advance payment this month) and the commission for access to the payout of your choice: Rocket money or Accurate money.

Rocket money is an automatic transfer from your Amazon payout within 24 hours. The service fee is 1-2% of the transfer amount. The advance payment and commission are paid off due to receipt of payment from Amazon, and surpluses are immediately transferred to your address.

Accurate money is money at your request. You send us a request for the required amount, and the next day up to 80% of the payout amount will be in your Amazying account. Because the commission is calculated for each day of use (0.15-0.25%), you can manage your expenses and take finances only for the period and the amount you need. The commissions for the payment arises only after the money is transferred to your account. If you have not taken finances yet, you have no expenses (even for maintaining an account).

Amazying turns your major obstacle to dust and supports your business to grow. Amazying – single tool – many benefits.

So, what is your decision? Sit and wait or take the actions to expand your business?