KYC questionnaire
By filling and sending us this application to conclude an agreement you confirm your agreement with the provision on the verification of the borrower and the agreement on the use of electronic signatures

1. Company info
1.1. Company name
1.2. Registry number
1.3. VAT number (or analog)
1.4. Country of incorporation
1.5. Registration address
2. Bank account info
2.1. IBAN
2.2. Bank name
2.3. BIC
3. Amazon API data
3.1. Seller ID
3.2. MWS autorization token
3.3. The type of business model
3.4. Revenue for each month of the last 6 months*
Month + amount of revenue (ex. Apr. = €3,550.00, May = ...)
4. Personal info*
*person authorized to act on behalf of the company
4.1. Full name
4.2. Position in the company
4.3. Personal number
if available
4.4. Passport number or ID
(if there is no personal number)
4.5. Living address
4.6. Date of birth
4.7. Mobile number*
*through it you will receive a security token for electronic signing of the agreement
4.8. Email address*
*through it you will receive a security token for electronic signing of the agreement
4. Personal info*
*If you are going to be guarantor then leave this step
5.1. Full name
5.2. Position in the company
5.3. Personal number
if available
5.4. Passport number or ID
if there is no personal number
5.5. Living address
5.6. Date of birth
5.7. Mobile number
5.8. Email address
To complete identification, please attach 3 JPEG files to your application
1. Front photo of guarantor identity document.
2. Photo of guarantor identity document on the reverse side (if available).
3. Photo of the face of the owner of the document holding the document at the face level.
Notification of personal data processing.
Amazying processes any personal data you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information about the processing of personal data and the rights that you have as a legal entity, please read our Privacy Policy, available at
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