Loans for Amazon
sellers within 24 hours

Get financing within 24 hours.
Commission starts with 1%
Get access to your Amazon payout within 24 hours
Get financing within 24 hours.
Commission starts with 1%
How can loans help grow your business ?
Forget about being out of stock
Make sure you always have inventory for intensive sales days!
Add new products
Expand your offering and attract new customers to your store!
The more ads the better
Broaden your customer reach and overcome your competitors!
About Amazying in 1 minute
View a video about Amazying and make sure why our service is convenient for you.
About Amazying in 1 minute
View a video about Amazying and make sure why our service is convenient for you.
Regular turnover on Amazon
Your turnover with Amazying
Regular turnover on Amazon
Your turnover with Amazying
a Request
Sign up and connect your Amazon account. Submit documents for scoring purposes.
Expect reviewing of your request within 24 hours.
Full control in your account
Product Selection
After approval of the request, select a product convenient for you. Receive instant funds into your bank account for business on Amazon.
Grow your Business
Use the provided funds to increase turnover. Choose Amazying as your long-term financing partner to get instant funds.
You get access to a convenient personal account with us.
Analyze and calculate your income without leaving our platform.
Choose a commission that suits your business model, pick a product that is more suitable for you, or switch when needed.
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What our clients say?
Bence Fabian
I never thought that it would be so convenient. If you need funds now, you can get them. During this time, sales have really grown. I don't have to wait for money from Amazon. took the money and continue working.
I love this service. everything is fast and convenient. The platform helped me, I had problems with business on Amazon. I have been using Amazying about 4 months.
My impression is... It is an excellent site in terms of design or it is easy to navigate. I use this service for 3 months. Customer support is fast and this is really helpful. Good job! Thank you very much!
Ank Kastner
After six months of using this service, I can say that it is very useful. Of course, I had thoughts that they were scammers. But guys answered all my questions. Yes, I have entrusted my financial matters Amazying
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Amazying?
Amazying is the financial company that is registered in the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the Law on Financial Institutions of Lithuania No. IX-1068 and Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 26, 2013 on prudential requirements for credit institutions and investment companies. UAB Amazingas, registered Number is 305227446.
For whom? Who are your customers?
Our customers are eCommerce sellers who sold the goods and want to receive their money from a payout immediately, without delay. When you receive revenue for sold goods the very next day, this gives you a tremendous advantage over competitors who wait two weeks, or even a month, until they get access to their money and can re-launch it in their turnover. Grow your business while your competitors are on "vacation".
What is the difference between Amazying and competitors?
First of all, Amazying guarantees convenience and transparency for every client. We have no hidden fees or rounding fees. Also, we work throughout whole Europe.
What is the difference between Amazying and a credit at the bank?
We are not a bank and we do not issue mortgages at 3% per year. Our product is created for other purposes.
If you need a loan for a large amount in order to start a business on Amazon, it may be more profitable for you to apply for a consumer or business loan (if you find a bank that will issue a loan for online trading).
We are a payment system that provides instant access to money already earned by you but temporarily unavailable. You can instantly get finances and also easily close it from the nearest receipt. In other words,.you use as much money as you need and therefore do not overpay.
Is a loan still more profitable?
Yes, if you need a large amount for a permanent turnover, and you are sure that you can pay for it and it will not be idle in your account.
We can help when you need to make urgent payment to a supplier to get a good discount, or to quickly increase your turnover before a seasonal sale.
In addition, the conclusion of an agreement with Amazying is not going to reflect in your file of the credit bureau and the bank will not refuse you a mortgage or other loan due to opened business limits.
The contract is easy to sign and easy to terminate in the Amazying payment system.
How much does quick access to money cost?
The costs consist of only two parts: the account maintenance fee of 9.90 Euro / month (if you used an advance payment this month) and the commission for access to the payout of your choice:

1. Rocket money is an automatic transfer from your Amazon payout within 24 hours. Service fee is 1-2% of the transfer amount. You can connect or deactivate this tariff instantly at your convenience.
Rocket Money works like: today your Hold has grown - tomorrow 80% of this amount is already in your current account. The advance payment and commission are paid off due to receipt of payment from Amazon, and surpluses are immediately transferred to your address.

2. Accurate money is a money at your request. You send us a request for the required amount, and the next day up to 80% of the payout amount will be in your Amazying account. Because the commission is calculated for each day of use (0.15-0.25%), then you can manage your expenses and take finances only for the period and the amount that you need. Absolutely transparent conditions without hidden fees and with projected costs.

If you have not use the quick access to the payout with the help of Amazying you have no expenses, even if the contract with Amazying is valid and you can use our products again at any time.

Who can become your client?
The owner of a business account on Amazon with a period of selling activity of 6 months and a turnover more than 1.000 Euro.
How to start using?
You need to create a personal account in Amazying system, submit documents for scoring purposes and sign an agreement. Please note: commission for payment arises only after the money is transferred to your account. If you have not taken finances yet, you have no expenses (even for maintaining an account). After signing the contract, you can receive money from your payout through Amazying at any time.
How do you make the calculations?
When an application from our client comes to us, through the guest access we check the Payout of his business account and if client set up forwarding payments from Amazon to our current account. After confirmation, we transfer funds to your bank account, which will be available to you on the next business day.
After the money comes from Amazon to our bank account, we repay the amount of the advance and commission, and the rest of balance is immediately transferred to your address.
Why do you need access to my business account?
We do not ask our clients for a statement of income, credit history or anything else except legal documents. We make the decision to connect to the Amazying payment system based on an analysis of the business indicators of your account. For this we request guest access. We do not affect your business and do not make changes to it, but only receive information about the turnover, size of the Hold, customer reviews, etc.
We do not accumulate, store or transfer to third parties any information about your business. This is regulated by the BORROWER VERIFICATION OFFER at
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